So, on September 5, 2018 an insider in the white house came out with an op-ed given to the times newspaper exposing what republicans in the congress and senate already know, that Trump is not fit to be President. Republicans know, but are too afraid to stand up for fear of losing their jobs so, they put their politics before country. They are the real opportunistic cowards.

This is a plea for the public to vote democratic because Trump is a clear and present danger.

You don’t have to be an expert in politics to see what is going on. These current republican politicians have hijacked our government for their own selfish gain. And if we just sit back and let them do it that kind of makes us cowards too. I am not a democrat or republican, I am an American citizen who is saying it is past time for the public to make our presence felt.

The republicans are only looking out for themselves and the rich people who will line their pockets. The tax cuts did not help the hard-working people like me and you. A trip to the grocery store confirms to me all I need to know to prove that. Prices of everything have risen to wipe out whatever small gain (and there are not many) that was given to the public while the politicians and other rich people continue to rake in millions (and they are trying to do it again).

Also, how is it fair to allow the republicans to ram a person into the supreme court for a lifetime appointment without letting the public see his complete record and/or resume. Especially when there appears to be proof that he is dishonest and lied under oath. The democrats can’t stop this miscarriage of justice, but the public can.

So, in November we need all the people especially those who did not vote in the last election to get out and vote the republicans out of control in the house and the senate. And then we need to hold the democrats accountable to institute the type of changes to restore fairness to the public. Like affordable health care for all people without restrictions. And a decent wage for all people with the government supplementing the businesses that do so. This is a good place to start.