Donald Trump and most Republicans in congress are Habitual Liars.

4 quick points to illustrate why I make this statement. (Democrats I have some thoughts for you too)

  1. Trump lied about trying to work for the common person’s interest. Instead he has put all billionaires into his cabinet who are all very removed from the plight of the common people.
  2. He says that he wants to make America great. Instead he attacks individuals, companies, FBI, the free press unless they say nice things about him. He made the outrageous statement that “any news story that does not make him look good is fake! Talk about trying to make himself a Putin-type dictator!
  3. He said that the American people are not going to pay for his ridiculous idea about a wall between us and Mexico. Within his first month as president he and the republican party are attempting to move forward legislation to make the American people pay for it with our tax money! Liar!
  4. Trump said that he was going to divest himself from his business interest to focus on being the president. He, his family, and his cabinet have used the presidency to steal as much of our taxpayer money as possible.

It is good to see people standing up and expressing the right of the people. Remember, more people voted against Trump then for him. Remember, that the government is by the people, for the people. They work for us. We need to vote the republicans out as the majority in congress and senate. Then we need to hold the democrats to follow up with action and not just lip service.