Only Love Can Conquer Hate
We need people to stand up against what is taking place in our society as Trump is using the office of the presidency to divide our great country. Here is a man who I believe really did not think he could ever become President. I believe that he did this endeavor for purely selfish reasons and to see how he could enrich himself and his family. I don’t believe that anyone with decency in their heart believed that a person with his ideals would win. Well, he won and that is a fact. So what we have now is an unstable person as leader of the government of the United States. Nobody is perfect, but a good leader is a strong fair person who can be a good follower and put the good of the country above his own desire for greed and power. What we have now is a person who is a narcissist in which he has an inflated sense of his own importance, a deep need for admiration, and a lack of empathy for others. Behind his mask of ultra-confidence lies a fragile self-esteem that’s vulnerable to the slightest criticism and who can be influenced and fooled by praise. This is a recipe for disaster for our country in so many ways. People with this type of personality can be easily manipulated. If I can see this weakness, you know that Putin and other leaders who would like to see the demise of America can see that. That is why Putin did what he could to make sure that Trump got elected. Trump asked him on live television to hack into our system to help him win and Putin was only too happy to oblige.
We need the people who have love in their heart and who really care for all the people in this country to stand up against this miscarriage of all that is decent. Unfortunately, there are too many in the republican party who are lining up to kiss the ring knowing that trump has their base which has been overrun with too many far-right prejudice people. It must be the will of the public united in our efforts stop this unstable man for the good of our country. We need to coordinate our displeasure by voting in November against this narcissistic administration by voting the republicans out of power. We need a revolution of love to rise up against a man in power who does not negotiate, but tries to destroy anyone who speaks against him. That is not democracy. You American citizens who voted for trump because you thought he was going to make America great again have been misled. The most immediate way to return America back to a nation that cares for all its people is to put pen to paper and vote the republicans out of control. America is for all people not just the rich and super rich. Only love in action can conquer hate.