How important is it to consider how what we say and do affect our relationship with other
people? Relationships cover everything we encounter in life. Taming the tongue is such an
important aspect in relationships and it can’t be minimized. Oh, the joy or the deep pain that can
be caused in relationships by the words we use. In James 3: 8-10 it says “no one can tame the
tongue, it can be a restless, evil, and full of deadly poison. Sometimes it praises God and
sometimes it curses those who have been made in the image of God”. And so, blessings and
cursing come pouring out of the same mouth. Surely, my brothers, this is not right! This
scripture exposes a problem that is too prevalent in our world today. How casually we throw
hateful and insulting remarks out in our relationships with others, usually in pride to protect our

A prime example of this is Donald Trump who claims that he wants to make America
great again, but then spits out insults like a spoiled child to numerous people for his own gain.
He is very good at doing this and unfortunately, he stimulates many people to follow and spread
the hatred that spills from his tongue.

As President he represents the government of the United States and the government is for the people by the people. And we need to check him for his bad speech as we would do a child for misbehaving. But he is misbehaving on such a grand platform and it needs to be stopped. The Senate/Congress are two main bodies of government that are
supposed to keep the President in check, but they refuse to do so. We the public voted these people into office and they work for us. So, we need to VOTE some of these republicans out of office because there needs to be more then just one party in power so there is a check and balance. Especially, when that one-party refuses to do their job for all of the people.  Then we need to hold both parties accountable to do what is best for the people of our country.